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3. Open an eBay shop.
If you want to make a good income on eBay it’s cost effective to open a shop on eBay I have found. You can then put lots of items in there (it’s much cheaper to list items for sale in your shop) particularly your higher priced items, and put lower priced items into the auctions.

You also get a domain name when you open a shop which you can put on business cards to put in with every item you sell so that people can come back easily to buy from you again.

It’s amazing how few sellers bother to do this. I’ve bought stuff on ebay and tried to find that seller at a later date eg xmas and

couldn’t remember their name, and hadn’t marked them in my ‘favorites’. So, they lost all repeat business and I bought from another seller.

What I did was to buy another domain name and forwarded it to my eBay shop address as the domain ebay give you can be a bit long. Make the name simple, memorable and RELEVANT. That was the name I put on my cards etc.
The next of my eBay selling tips is:

4. Give fantastic customer service.
This is so important on eBay because of their feedback system. If you don’t get a high feedback score (eg 98% 0r 99% 0r 100% overall) then buyers will not feel confident in buying from you and bang goes your business.

The opposite is also true. If you do have a high quality feedback score people will buy from you rather than a competitor who doesn’t have such good feedback.

If yours is good, then mention it in your auctions: say something like ‘check out my feedback for added confidence before you buy from me’. Or get the feedback maker I mentioned earlier so it’s all there in front of them and stay ahead of the competition. The 5th of my eBay selling tips is;

5. Find a niche. I’ve written a whole page about this here: Find a niche to sell to on eBay. EBay Selling Tips

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