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Introducing eBay’s Google Penalty


It seems when a potential customer finds your listing through a Google search and clicks through, eBay is terrified that you as a seller:

  • might not make the sale; or
  • might not provide this proverbial stranger wandering in the eBay store off the street a good buying experience.

eBay’s Google Penalty

Therefore, when a visitor clicks-through to your listing from Google, they are immediately presented with this unusual box at the top of the listing…


The eBay Google Penalty

So, if you’re like me and spend the time and effort to run a Search Engine Optimization campaign for your eBay listings (or just lucky enough to rank highly in the search results), eBay thanks you by immediately trying to lure away the customer you just brought to the auction site.

But this is just the first jab of eBay’s Google Penalty.   If your customer hasn’t clicked away yet, eBay shameless sticks five links to other listings before your listing’s description above the fold – meaning your customer has to scroll down to view your description, if they have any remaining inclination to do so!  Click on the image below to enlarge it.

eBay Google Penalty

eBay doesn’t seem to care if you have perfect feedback or are a Top Rated Seller.  Every listing is subject to eBay’s Google Penalty.

Want to experience the eBay Google Penalty for yourself?  Try a search like this on Google: manilla envelopes

Replace “manilla envelopes” with whatever you’re selling (use your listing title in quotations) and see if it’s happening to your listings.  You say it isn’t happening to



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