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What You Can Do About eBay’s Google Penalty


In my last post I introduced eBay’s penalty for getting your listing found on Google.  To recap, if a visitor arrives to your listing via the Google search results, eBay inserts a list of five other (competing) listings immediately before your description.   Confused, many visitors take the bait and click off your listing directly to your competitors.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon impacts every seller who manages to get their listing found on Google.  There’s no way to opt out, and even Top Rated Sellers get this treatment.

If you are concerned, there are some things you can do to minimize the impact of eBay’s Google Penalty.

Read about them after the jump…

Because your listing’s description is now below the fold and hidden from your customer’s view, it’s important to get as many details as you can in the top section and in view of the customer.  With the exception of the free gallery image eBay provides, I normally host my own pictures and display them in the listing’s description.   The pictures eBay hosts are in the top left hand corner of the screen – prime real estate on a web page.  I now pay the extra $0.75 for the eBay’s Picture Pack in order to get as many details in front of the Google visitor as possible.  I add additional pictures, details, …

…and encouragement to scroll past my competitors to look at my description.

Alternately, you can take advantage of eBay’s frequent free listing promotions and flood the category with duplicate auction listings and ensure that its not your competitors that show up before your description – but links to your other offerings:


Depending on eBay to send traffic to your listings is no way to run a business.  If you’re like me, you take the time and effort to get your listings to show up on the first page of Google’s search results to draw customers.  While I’m upset, with eBay for diverting some of this traffic away from my listing, I’m not powerless.  Neither are you.  I hope you find these suggestions helpful.



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