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If you don’t know the secrets behind eBay’s new search algorithm, Best Match, you are losing sales!
In the Spring of 2008, eBay unleashed a secret new algorithm that determines the order in which auction listings are ranked and displayed on their search results pages. 

The results were immediate and astounding.  On the forums, sellers reported that the page views for their listings were down more than 60% after the first weekend that Best Match was made eBay’s default search sort order.

Why?  Because under Best Match, their listings never made it to the top or even the first page of the search results.  Ever.

That’s a problem!  Because without bidders, there’s no bids.  You might as well just send eBay a check and not bother with the effort it takes to create and post your listings.  The results are the same.

This free book reveals the secrets eBay doesn’t want you to know.  It exposes what’s required to get the top spots in eBay’s search results so you can get the bids!

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