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Here’s a great selection of excellent ebay books to help you make money on ebay successfully. On the next page there’s also a great free ebook for you.ught stuff on ebay and tried to find that seller at a later date eg xmas and


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The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay is definitely aimed at those who are currently limited to selling solely on eBay. If you are in this situation then it is most likely that you view your business activities as "If I sell one item on eBay I get one buyer and one sale" (I know I was). Jim however, says that "One auction can potentially bring you hundreds of buyers before, during, and after the sale WITHOUT violating eBay policy." He then expands on this by dissecting one of his Silent Sales Machines to show you how he did it, and then providing many more creative ideas that you could possibly use to set up your own Silent Sales Machine using this principle. Implementing the ideas in The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay can provide you with multiple benefits and hugely expand your business. However, the only problem is that if you have only been selling on eBay, then you will probably have to do quite a lot of research into setting up your own website, affiliate marketing, and ways in which you can create Silent Sales Machines that fit your current product. If you can put in the time and effort then the ideas in the Silent Sales Machine are definitely worthwhile. If not you're probably best off leaving this one on the shelf.

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