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Find your niche

How to find a niche

Firstly, why do you need to find a ‘niche’? Well, because a niche is a small, specialist area within a bigger area (eg charm bracelets are a niche area within the bigger overall area of jewelry) you have more chance of success on eBay than if you try and compete in a wider market.

So, how do you find yours?

Well, head to eBay’s main page and you’ll see all their main categories listed. They range from Art and Antiques to Toys and Games to Job lots.
To find a niche, click on any of these main categories that you are interested in. Let’s say you choose Health and Beauty. Clicking on that takes you to a list of sub-categories. One of these is Hair Care. You can now click on this to go to a sub-category of hair care. One that comes up is Brushes and Combs. So, there you have a NICHE. It’s like a sub-division of a bigger subject. You may get lucky and find a niche for which there’s not much competition. In which case, guess who’ll get lots of sales??



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