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Selling on eBay Case Study 2

Here's what our new eBay seller learned about selling on eBay. (See the previous page for details about this eBay case study, designed to see how effectively eBay could be used to reach a niche market.) Lessons Learned About Selling on eBay: 1) Include Search Terms in The Listing Title
 When selling on eBay, it’s important to not only make your item listing titles as descriptive as possible, but to include relevant search terms in your listing title to reach your target market. For example, these items weren’t just listed as “Pilot Profiles” but as “WWII RCAF Pilot Profiles (Robert Taylor Publisher)”. Robert Taylor is a pre-eminent artist, specializing in military subjects. Many potential buyers use eBay search to find what they’re looking for and including both WWII and Robert Taylor in the title makes it easier for the potential bidders to find the eBay auction.
2) Pick Profitable Products To Sell Before you bother selling on eBay, do the calculations, such as a breakeven analysis and choose your product accordingly. Selling on eBay is not free, and while the fees are nominal, both eBay selling fees and shipping fees can eat into your profit margin. Our eBay seller was able to raise thousands of dollars for his chosen non-profit organization, the Y2K Spitfire Restoration Project because he chose to sell fairly high-ticket items. It would not have been worth his while to sell caps with the Y2K Spitfire logo on eBay, for instance, (although the organization sells them locally).
3) Avoid Shipping Woes Selling on eBay is the easy part; packaging and shipping can be hard. It’s critical to have proper packaging but also important to streamline the process by finding a source of appropriate packaging materials and buying in bulk if you’re selling the same items repetitively. Buying packaging materials individually is very expensive. Also choose the most convenient shipper for the price. Our eBay seller found that for low cost and ease of use, it’s hard to beat Canada Post when you’re shipping internationally. Other well-known shippers that our eBay seller tried were both expensive and a frustrating experience because multiple forms had to be filled out and the shippers don’t work on weekends.
4) Payment Can Be Painful Using online payment methods such as PayPal greatly speeds up the payment process when you're selling on eBay. (Credit cards work great, too.) If you’re new to selling on eBay, you should set up online methods of payment first to avoid the frustration of waiting for the cheque or money order to arrive. In addition, many people don’t know about the different types of money orders (including some post offices)! Our eBay seller had the unfortunate experience of being sent a U.S. Money Order (which can only be cashed at a U.S. post office) rather than an International Money Order. Generally, avoiding the whole money order question is the best policy for eBay selling. The Bottom Line Perhaps the most important lesson is that selling on eBay is really easy, and gets results. Our tester was really pleased with the results of his selling on eBay experiment. The selling on eBay process was snag-free and enjoyable and he was able to raise more money for the non-profit organization than he had hoped. All in all, his selling on eBay experiment was a great success.



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