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Things To Sell On eBay & What to Sell on eBay

Firstly, what are your interests and hobbies?


My best advice if you are looking for things to sell on eBay is to follow your passion - what inspires you, what are your hobbies and interests? Then, research what other eBayers are doing in those areas and see if there is room for you. OR use this tool to find what people want to buy on eBay - then YOU supply it!

Where can you find things to sell on eBay?

Here are some of the best places: Ebay itself, wholesale catalogues and dropshippers, flea markets, car boot sales.  Read on...
Wholesalers for ebay sellers
You can also use an online wholesale catalogue like Salehoo.  CLICK HERE for a free video tour about the catalogue. It can make your life much easier to find things to sell on eBay all in one place like this.They do just about everything from Ipods to jeans, jewelry and video games, xbox360, shoes, car audio, computers...
You can also use dropshippers - you don’t buy products to sell; dropshippers deal with all that, you just find the customers. Be careful as not all dropshippers are good. (Salehoo list some good ones).

EBay itself can be a great place to find stuff. You can pick up amazing bargains in auctions that you can then re-sell at a higher price. Let’s say you want to sell costume jewellery on eBay. You can so a search on eBay for ‘Wholesale costume jewellery’ and you will find lots of ‘job lots’ (as opposed to individual items) at low prices that you can then resell individually at retail.

You can also find things to sell on eBay at flea markets, car boot sales, local auction houses and  on holiday (do you travel to countries where you can pick up some local goods cheaply?). You can also find local wholesalers (do a google search or check the phone directory).
What to sell on eBay - What do the Powersellers sell on eBay?
You will notice that the Powersellers on eBay (these are the highest selling eBayers) focus on selling items in a specific niche area. In other words they specialise. They will sell, for instance, jewellery. Nothing else.
And not just any kind of jewellery but a specific type such as body jewellery. This is called a niche. If you can find your own niche subject you will do far better than if you sell a wide range of subjects.



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