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   (There are many pages of tips here about a wide variety of ‘sell on ebay’ subjects) I hope these free ebay success tips of mine will help your ebay success. I’ll be adding lots more soon so do visit again soon..

1. Create an About Me page on eBay and make sure you put in links on it to any websites or blogs you have. Incentivise visitors to your About Me page to click on the links by offering something free (eg an ebook).

Then, whenever you list an item for sale in an auction or in the Buy it Now format, put in your description something like ‘make sure you visit my About Me page for a free gift’.

You can drive lots of visitors to your website this way. Imagine if 100 people view your auction item and a good percentage of those visit your About Me page...
And imagine if you have lots of auctions, every day or week...
It all adds up to a VERY nice traffic stream!

2. My second ebay success tip: Something that made a big difference to my sales was buying a ‘feedback maker’. This was some simple software that put together all the feedback I received from my customers on ebay in a chart format that I could then include as part of my auction descriptions. I could choose which feedback to include and how many items of feedback too.

Think about this for a minute: Imagine you are a customer on ebay. You do a search for kids t-shirts and find the same style of t-shirt available at the same price from several sellers. Which do you buy from?

Now, let’s say that one of the sellers includes recent feedback from their customers which says things like ‘Excellent quality product and fast service’. ‘Great seller, swift service and great communication.’  ‘Would definitely buy from this seller again’.
Who would you buy from now?
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