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Offering Variations on Your eBay Listings


eBay calls this “creating a listing with variations” and it looks something like this:



What is a Variation?

Instead of creating a number of separate listings for a product that has a choice of options, you can create a single multi-quantity fixed price listing that includes all the variations you offer. For example, a T-shirt might come in multiple colors and sizes. Buyers can select which variation they want to purchase from the single listing.

How To Create a Listing With Variations

To create a listing for beef jerky that offers variations in flavors I would first select the option (located near the top of the Sell Your Item form) to create variations:

Upon clicking the Create Variations button, I’m presented a page where I can tell eBay what kind of varieties I’d like to offer my customers.  After clicking the link labeled Enter Your Own Variation Detail, a pop-up appears where I can name the variation (flavor) and enter the first option (barbecue):

After clicking Save, I’m presented with the opportunity to enter the next flavor (teriyaki):


Create SKUs

I would click the + Flavor link to add more.  Clicking continue will provide the opportunity create additional variations.  After I’ve finished this process, eBay asks me to create a SKU for each variation:

Add Pictures

Next, I can enter the pictures that are applicable to the specific variations and shared pictures that apply to all:


Price and Quantities

Finally, I can enter the quantity of each variety I have in stock and available to sell and specify the price for each variation:

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You’re Done!

Clicking Save brings me back to the Sell Your Item page where the Variations table now shows the fruits of my labor:

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This is actually a pretty neat feature that eBay offers.  If your category and your inventory support variations, you might just give it a try.



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